Publications and Prizes

  1. "The Women of Coruña" published by the Mexican Secretary of Culture in March 2007.

  2. Second Place, Honorable Mention, in the Jury Prize of the Banamex "El México de los Mexicanos" competition in September 2009. This competition was entered by 30,000 photographers from both inside and outside of México. All the prize winning photographs have appeared in a book published by Banamex and will form part of a national archive.
  3. "Patorro and his Dwarf Bullfighters" is scheduled to be published in 2010 by Artes de México in collaboration with the Mexican Secretary of Culture, with the foreword written by Mario Bellatin.
  4. Dominic Simmons' photographs have been used in calendars and in reports to gain resources for both Amnesty International and Habitat for Humanity in Mexico.

Recent Exhibitions

  1. "Urban Dreams" exhibited in the Museum of Leon Trotsky and the Anglo-Mexican Foundation in Mexico City in 2004. Exhibition appeared on national television in the cultural section of Canal Once.
  2. "Portraits of Mexico" exhibited in the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London, UK in 2005 as part of the celebration of Mexican Culture MEXART.
  3. "The Women of Coruña" exhibited in the Anglo-Mexican Foundation and the Museum of Mexico City by the Secretary of Culture in 2005. Exhibition covered by Canal Once again.
  4. "Patorro and his Dwarf Bullfighters" exhibited in the Anglo-Mexican Foundation in 2008. Exhibition covered by Telemundo and broadcast in the USA and by Canal Once for Mexican viewers.
  5. Part of the collective Banamex exhibition "El México de los Mexicanos" which was shown in Reforma in Mexico City in 2009 and which will also be touring many of Mexico's colonial towns in 2010.